SMILE…IT’S SUMMER. Here comes the day, so start with a smile, As the sun is dawning, her rays are ready to beguile, The daisies standing with their proud white petals, and yellowed middle, The wild whispering grasses whistling to the sound of a fiddle, The trees of old, with leaves of green, Edging the earthContinue reading “SMILE…IT’S SUMMER.”

Mummy – “What Is Different ?”

Mummy, “What is Different ?” you say, My reply “It’s a word used today!”, To be different is not a sin, There’s plenty of room for “different” to live in. There’s the air we breathe and share, There’s the Love we share and care, There’s the food we grow and eat, There’s the Earth beneathContinue reading “Mummy – “What Is Different ?””

For All the Special Children Who Live In Our World.

“Why?” is the word you would say, My reply, “cause you were made that way!”, God had a Plan you see, For you to show all Humanity, The strength in your fight, Your smile with sheer delight, The determination to overcome adversity, Your Joy that radiates through thee. The journey in life is yours toContinue reading “For All the Special Children Who Live In Our World.”

The Star of Hope – A Christmas Wish. The Salvation Army.

The Star of Hope – A Christmas Wish. For The Salvation Army. As the lights twinkle upon the tree, I whisper a silent prayer for thee, It is the Season, with the Star of Hope, Neatly wrapped inside every envelope. When those lights begin to glow, Spare a thought of those you do not know,Continue reading “The Star of Hope – A Christmas Wish. The Salvation Army.”

Wonderful Child/UNICEF/Second Version.

Oh Wonderful Child I saw you there, I couldn’t help but stand and stare, “How?” rattling within my head, “Why” is this child not fed ?. Oh Wonderful Child you are divine, I Love you as if you were mine, So tender,so frail,yet always smiling, Bewildered,with hungry eyes beguiling. Oh Wonderful Child no words canContinue reading “Wonderful Child/UNICEF/Second Version.”