Spring Shadows.

Spring Shadows.

Amongst the hallowed Earth,
Spring Shadows begin to birth,
Tiny shoots awaken with the rain,
The Spring is coming again.

The snowdrops call upon their friends,
To climb, and unravel their wiggly bends,
Tiny blossoms awaiting the daytime sun,
Whose warmth announces Spring has begun.

New leaves so crisp and green,
Amidst the brown of Winter’s scene,
Primroses of yellow shade,
Creations beautifully made.

Spring Shadows will soon lift,
And enlighten the Spring’s Gift,
Of blooms, with colourful array,
Flowering until the days of May.

Spring is welcome with her early dew,
Awakening the Hearts of me and you,
Raising Heavenly Smiles,
Across Flowered Golden Miles.

The Blessing of Spring Shadows has Arrived.

Love Gill x

Children Lost.

Children Lost.

In those times of the darkest deep,
Let thy Heart whisper a peep,
In thy Head remove its call,
It’ll lead you to the fall.

In those times of the darkest deep,
Look within to release the weep,
Be known by thine Heart,
Then life will truly start.

For you are the Children Lost,
Coated with an outer frost,
Locked within a darkened World,
Show thy Heart, be uncurled.

For you are the Children Lost,
Your Heart will crack the frost,
To release those feelings hidden inside,
Show thy Heart, it will not be denied.

When the frost begins to melt,
You’ll touch all that should be felt,
The warmth, and the Peace of Joy,
Deserved by every girl and boy.

When the frost begins to melt,
You’ll remove the life that’s been dealt,
The darkened days will turn to light,
You’ll see the World, and its delight.

For you are NOT the Children Lost,
Forever encased in an icy frost,
You are the Love and the Joy,
Felt by every girl and boy.

For you are NOT the Children Lost,
You just created the icy frost,
To protect your Heart,
A life denied from the start.

You are the Children Found,
With two feet firmly on the ground,
Loved, even in an empty surround,
You are the Children Found.

In Love and Respect of All the Children Lost who need to find their way. Love Gill x



She walked as a tiny tot with little feet,
Gentle, smiling, and ever so sweet,
She grew with flair and grace,
Rosy lips adorned her face.

She ran as a teenager with adult feet,
Still gentle, smiling, and far too sweet,
She grew with rushed adolescent dreams,
Embracing a body fraught with screams.

She walked as a woman with “borrowed” feet,
Gracious, smiling, and accordingly sweet,
She arrived with maturity’s head,
Denying a mind so easily led.

She walked as a woman with adult feet,
Graceful, smiling, and honestly sweet,
She was full grown with a gentle heart,
Embracing a body of which she was part.

She had Evolved…



Here comes the day, so start with a smile,
As the sun is dawning, her rays are ready to beguile,
The daisies standing with their proud white petals, and yellowed middle,
The wild whispering grasses whistling to the sound of a fiddle,
The trees of old, with leaves of green,
Edging the earth neatly,completing the scene,
Of a Summer’s day, greeted with a picnic spread,
A tartan blanket neatly placed upon the grass bed,
Salads, fruits, and cheese galore,
Many foods to gladly adore,
Freshly baked bread,and butter twirls,
Scones with strawberry jam, and creamy swirls,
Washed down nicely with rose wine,
What a lovely way to dine,
The beauty of the Earth beneath our toes,
Heavenly, just Divine, as everyone knows,
The day is no longer and at its end,
So now it’s time for the Smile to send,
Its love to the Moonlit night,
With its stars shining bright,
Smile it’s Summer.

Mummy – “What Is Different ?”

Mummy, “What is Different ?” you say,
My reply “It’s a word used today!”,
To be different is not a sin,
There’s plenty of room for “different” to live in.

There’s the air we breathe and share,
There’s the Love we share and care,
There’s the food we grow and eat,
There’s the Earth beneath our feet.

Mummy, ” I don’t know what it means” you say,
My reply, “It means the same with a twist today”,
Being different is a change to embrace,
It’s a Love to share, not to disgrace.

There’s the Culture with a language new,
Learning new words for me and you,
There’s the taste upon the food,
To be savoured and chewed.

Mummy, “Can I be different ?” you say,
“Yes” I reply, “You can start today”,
Love Life, People and the colours of the rainbow,
And you’ll be different and free to know.

To be Different is to embrace all that is on the Earth,
It is the Joy of watching everything that’s new from food to Birth,
It is the Love of your fellow man and to share what you both do,
To be Different is to Love and to be Loved too.

Mummy, “I love to be different” you say,
I reply, “Son, you make my day”,
“You are my Rainbow and my Earth”,
“Forever more,and as always, from the day of your Birth”.

For the Love of Our “Different” . To Love, To Share, To Care and To Be Loved for All On Earth.

For All the Special Children Who Live In Our World.

“Why?” is the word you would say,
My reply, “cause you were made that way!”,
God had a Plan you see,
For you to show all Humanity,
The strength in your fight,
Your smile with sheer delight,
The determination to overcome adversity,
Your Joy that radiates through thee.

The journey in life is yours to own,
And God wished for this to be shown,
Dear Special Child and the lessons you teach,
Are lessons that all Humanity do beseech,
You never complain,
You share your domain,
Within a World where Peace is sought,
God’s reasons are plainly thought.

So when you ask “Why?”,
I give the easy reply,
But you are so much more,
Of that I’m sure,
God created you full of Love,
For Earth from Up Above,
To teach us all about Humanity,
Within you it’s plain to see.

For the Love of George, and all the Special Children Who Live In Our World.

The Star of Hope – A Christmas Wish. The Salvation Army.

The Star of Hope – A Christmas Wish. For The Salvation Army.

As the lights twinkle upon the tree,
I whisper a silent prayer for thee,
It is the Season, with the Star of Hope,
Neatly wrapped inside every envelope.

When those lights begin to glow,
Spare a thought of those you do not know,
It is the Season of Peace and Joy,
For every person, girl or boy.

As the tinsel cuddles the tree,
Remember others with less than thee,
Who need a warm blanket for the cold night,
Let the sound of Church bells peal their plight.

When the turkey fills you with delight,
Envisage the hungry souls, a despairing sight,
All they need is the Star of Hope –
The Salvation Army – to help them cope.

The Star of Hope – A Christmas Wish – Spare a thought, and, a penny or two – This could be me, or it could be you.

Wonderful Child/UNICEF/Second Version.

Oh Wonderful Child I saw you there,
I couldn’t help but stand and stare,
“How?” rattling within my head,
“Why” is this child not fed ?.

Oh Wonderful Child you are divine,
I Love you as if you were mine,
So tender,so frail,yet always smiling,
Bewildered,with hungry eyes beguiling.

Oh Wonderful Child no words can say,
How wrong your Life is today,
No child should ever see,
Sufferance as apparent to thee.

Oh Wonderful Child there is Hope,
Within the realms of UNICEF’s scope,
Their arms are wide and caring,
With hearts that are always sharing.

Oh Wonderful Child you are free,
To Live, To Love, To Be,
It is the start, albeit late,
Food abundant on your plate.

Oh Wonderful Child you are you,
The dreams become reality too,
To Eat,To Play,and Laugh out loud,
You are Loved, Stand Out Proud.

Oh Wonderful Child I no longer stare,
UNICEF held your hand to show they care,
It’s over, it’s time to rise,
It’s time to end those awful cries.

Dedicated to UNICEF in respect of all they do. Love Gill x

Dear Child…

Dear Child, I called your Name,
Why do you Hide ?, it isn’t a game,
Dear Child, you are old for your years,
Why do you Hide ?, is it the Fears ?,
Dear Child, I give you my hand,
Do not Hide, be Free from this land,
Dear Child, let me share the Love,
Do not Hide, I am guided from above,

Dear Child, I can clearly see,
You are here, running to me,
Dear Child, take my hand,
You are here, Free from this land,
Dear Child, I feel your pain,
You are here, my Love will not wane,
Dear Child, let me lift your eyes,
You are here, I’ll ease your sighs.

Dear Child, too young to suffer this pain,
I will not let you see it again.

To the children of our Future, and our Dream To Be Free.

Elephant Rumble.

The red dust blew across the plain,
Covering their tracks, none to remain,
Giants of our modern day,
We really need you to stay.

The water sprayed across your soul,
Praying that you remained whole,
The enormity of your body mesmerises,
The fear that no-one realises.

A family, with little ones’ too,
An amazing sight just for you,
Grey leather tinged with dust,
Their Survival is a must.

The Elephant Rumble is on its way,
Alive with Protection to live today,
The Rangers watch with their Heart,
For the Giants, not to part.

Save Our Elephants For Our Tomorrow – Let’s End Their Sorrow.