With Love..We Remember You./ For The Love Of All Touched By the Hand Of Dementia & Alzheimer ‘s.

With Love…We Remember You.

With Love…We Remember You,
In Everything We Do,
We Remember the Childhood Pain,
With a young life so Fraught,
We Remember the Army’s Gain,
In Korea You Fought,
We Remember The Glance,
When you had your First Dance,
We Remember Your Engagement in April Sixty-One,
And the Marriage that October had begun,
We Remember the Birth of your Three Sons,
And how you used to play War and Guns,
We Remember The Laughter and The Love,
Always On Earth, and now Up Above,
We Remember all the fun Family Days,
Many Picnics, Walks and your Funny Ways,
We Remember All the Help you gave,
And the Smokes you would Always crave,
We Remember the Childhood Sulks,
And the childish skulks,
We Remember the Grandad so Great,
Who was Our Son’s closest Mate,
We Remember the Man, and the Soldier, so incredibly Brave,
And the Father who sadly now Graces Our Family Grave.
We now Remember the Spirit and the Soul,
Of the Father who made us all whole,
With Love We Remember You.

In Loving Memory of Eric Sidney Broadhurst/Our Dad 17.08.1933 – 15.10.2011.
Touched By The Hand Of Dementia. Resting In Peace Holding Mum’s Hand.

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