I Know You By Heart.

I Know You By Heart.

In a World that you see with darkened view,
You believe that nobody will see you,
Hidden beneath a cloak of Angry fear,
Distanced from anyone who treads near.

There’s no need to hold that view,
For You are Loved as You are You,
This World holds such Joy and Delight,
Open your eyes to see that Sight.

How do I know ?, you might say,
Because.. that was me, one day,
You see, I Know You By Heart,
And you deserve a new start.

Rise above the Angry phase,
Lift your head and raise,
Above and beyond what you feel,
Dispel it all, and gently heal.

Life is so visually perceived,
Yet different to what’s believed,
Love yourself above all,
You can rise..out of fall.

One word is all it takes,
And the difference it makes,
“Help Me” to change and see,
What’s inside of Me.

Believe me, I Know You By Heart,
In a World of which you’re a part,
Not to be Hidden or Ignored,
Inside a Heart so deeply stored.

Let the World in to share,
And let them know you’re there,
You’re Alive, so let the World care,
Celebrate Life and add your share.

I Know You By Heart.

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