From A House To A Home.

From A House To A Home.

Empty as it stood,
As New, it should,
A House with closed doors,
A House with three floors.

Then the day came to open the door,
It was Our House for sure,
Would it be the same as before ?,
The old was twenty-one years and more.

Mania rained all that day,
Rushing was always our way,
At night we closed the door,
Sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

Family helped us to move in that day,
Working together was our usual way,
Boxes in each room as clearly marked,
Cars outside, neatly parked.

The months came and went,
The House WAS Heaven sent,
It transformed from a House to Our Home,
It became Our Own Special Glass Dome.

Our Home was the Safe Haven for Our Son,
Whose Independence Needed to come,
Our Home was the Hospital for Our Mum,
For Us To Love until her Life was done.

Our House had become Our Home,
For everyone, no-one to be Alone,
A Happy Place for us all to Share,
A Haven for us all to Love and to Care.

Our Home faces the Church, and its Spire,
A vision of which we’ll never tire,
We love it here, come rain or shine,
We’re always Happy and never whine.

Dad said “A House is only made of brick”,
With walls everywhere and very thick,
But a Home is with what you make,
Like the ingredients of a cake.

So for us it is made With Love,
Made here on Earth, and From Up Above,
Our Heaven, all coated in Brick,
Love delicately laden ever so thick.

From A House To A Home.

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