Touched By The Hand Of Cancer…for Cancer UK.

Touched By The Hand Of Cancer.

The words came all in a blur,
“Cancer”, it did occur,
Images of a lost cause,
Made us icily pause.

Day One arrived after the news,
Mum voiced her once only views,
I have Cancer, but it doesn’t have ME,
I’ll fight it, just wait and see.

Many phone calls for people to see,
To let them guide and educate me,
Mum wanted to live, and not to die,
Touched by the Hand of Cancer, we sigh.

The Battle was on, and the Swords raised High,
Mum Lived, while we arranged the “tools” not to die,
We Loved, We Laughed, We Played and We Cried,
Cancer was gone, it had Died.

You see, really, Cancer was there all along,
But it wasn’t the words of Mum’s song,
She chose to Live her Life,
As A Mother, A Grandmother, and A Wife.

It’s Denial, the Doctors did say,
“Oh No!” I said fiercely, It’s her way,
You see Cancer never took her Spirit, or her Soul,
It’s what made her completely whole.

She left the Reality to whom she did Love,
And left her Fate to her Loving Parents up Above,
She knew that they would call when it was right,
To relinquish, to end the Cancer’s fight.

The Best Six Months, and the Worst,
Yet we were truly Blessed, and not Cursed,
For we all got to Live A Wondrous Blessing,
With Mum, and Without Cancer’s Messing.

When the time came, her Dad did call,
We didn’t Rise, but certainly did fall,
And yet we count our Endless Blessings In Life,
For Lending such a Beautiful Grandmother, Mother and a Wife.

For anyone Touched By The Hand Of Cancer, they know that Cancer may fight their body, but it will NEVER Conquer their Heart and Soul. In Loving Memory of those who Lived whilst Touched by the Hand Of Cancer; and In Respect of those Living and Fighting. Love Gill x

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