Spring Shadows.

Spring Shadows.

Amongst the hallowed Earth,
Spring Shadows begin to birth,
Tiny shoots awaken with the rain,
The Spring is coming again.

The snowdrops call upon their friends,
To climb, and unravel their wiggly bends,
Tiny blossoms awaiting the daytime sun,
Whose warmth announces Spring has begun.

New leaves so crisp and green,
Amidst the brown of Winter’s scene,
Primroses of yellow shade,
Creations beautifully made.

Spring Shadows will soon lift,
And enlighten the Spring’s Gift,
Of blooms, with colourful array,
Flowering until the days of May.

Spring is welcome with her early dew,
Awakening the Hearts of me and you,
Raising Heavenly Smiles,
Across Flowered Golden Miles.

The Blessing of Spring Shadows has Arrived.

Love Gill x

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