Here comes the day, so start with a smile,
As the sun is dawning, her rays are ready to beguile,
The daisies standing with their proud white petals, and yellowed middle,
The wild whispering grasses whistling to the sound of a fiddle,
The trees of old, with leaves of green,
Edging the earth neatly,completing the scene,
Of a Summer’s day, greeted with a picnic spread,
A tartan blanket neatly placed upon the grass bed,
Salads, fruits, and cheese galore,
Many foods to gladly adore,
Freshly baked bread,and butter twirls,
Scones with strawberry jam, and creamy swirls,
Washed down nicely with rose wine,
What a lovely way to dine,
The beauty of the Earth beneath our toes,
Heavenly, just Divine, as everyone knows,
The day is no longer and at its end,
So now it’s time for the Smile to send,
Its love to the Moonlit night,
With its stars shining bright,
Smile it’s Summer.

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