Thank You For The Gift Of Sound/ With Love for National Deaf Children’s Society.

Thank You For The Gift Of Sound.

Thank you For The Gift Of Sound,
To Our Child with Silence definitely bound,
For the Beauty of a Human Voice,
To permit his Freedom of Choice,
For the Music to which he rocks,
From his head down to his socks,
For the Education he can access,
And the Grades we now Bless,
For the Smiles your Gift Brings,
To Our Child Whose Heart Sings.

Thank You. For Love Of Our Son George x

With Love..We Remember You./ For The Love Of All Touched By the Hand Of Dementia & Alzheimer ‘s.

With Love…We Remember You.

With Love…We Remember You,
In Everything We Do,
We Remember the Childhood Pain,
With a young life so Fraught,
We Remember the Army’s Gain,
In Korea You Fought,
We Remember The Glance,
When you had your First Dance,
We Remember Your Engagement in April Sixty-One,
And the Marriage that October had begun,
We Remember the Birth of your Three Sons,
And how you used to play War and Guns,
We Remember The Laughter and The Love,
Always On Earth, and now Up Above,
We Remember all the fun Family Days,
Many Picnics, Walks and your Funny Ways,
We Remember All the Help you gave,
And the Smokes you would Always crave,
We Remember the Childhood Sulks,
And the childish skulks,
We Remember the Grandad so Great,
Who was Our Son’s closest Mate,
We Remember the Man, and the Soldier, so incredibly Brave,
And the Father who sadly now Graces Our Family Grave.
We now Remember the Spirit and the Soul,
Of the Father who made us all whole,
With Love We Remember You.

In Loving Memory of Eric Sidney Broadhurst/Our Dad 17.08.1933 – 15.10.2011.
Touched By The Hand Of Dementia. Resting In Peace Holding Mum’s Hand.

Where There’s Love, There’s Hope…All You Need Is Love.

Where There’s Love, There’s Hope,
No Boundaries, Endless Scope,
There’s the Glorious Sun,
There’s the Sounds of Fun,
All You Need Is Love.

Where There’s Love, There’s Smiles,
Of Life Journeys that Walk Miles,
There’s the Glorious Snow,
There’s the Rivers’ Flow.
All You Need Is Love.

Where There’s Love, There’s The Marriage,
Joined by Heart and Soul in A Carriage,
There’s the Glorious Flowers,
There’s the Glorious Showers.
All You Need Is Love.

Where There’s Love, There’s The Child,
Created So Precious, So Meek and Mild,
There’s the Glorious Rain,
There’s the Glorious Desert Plain.
All You Need Is Love.

Where There’s Love, There’s Hope,
For every Vicar, Priest and Pope,
There’s the Glory of Peace,
There’s the Wars’ Cease.
All You Need Is Love.

From A House To A Home.

From A House To A Home.

Empty as it stood,
As New, it should,
A House with closed doors,
A House with three floors.

Then the day came to open the door,
It was Our House for sure,
Would it be the same as before ?,
The old was twenty-one years and more.

Mania rained all that day,
Rushing was always our way,
At night we closed the door,
Sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

Family helped us to move in that day,
Working together was our usual way,
Boxes in each room as clearly marked,
Cars outside, neatly parked.

The months came and went,
The House WAS Heaven sent,
It transformed from a House to Our Home,
It became Our Own Special Glass Dome.

Our Home was the Safe Haven for Our Son,
Whose Independence Needed to come,
Our Home was the Hospital for Our Mum,
For Us To Love until her Life was done.

Our House had become Our Home,
For everyone, no-one to be Alone,
A Happy Place for us all to Share,
A Haven for us all to Love and to Care.

Our Home faces the Church, and its Spire,
A vision of which we’ll never tire,
We love it here, come rain or shine,
We’re always Happy and never whine.

Dad said “A House is only made of brick”,
With walls everywhere and very thick,
But a Home is with what you make,
Like the ingredients of a cake.

So for us it is made With Love,
Made here on Earth, and From Up Above,
Our Heaven, all coated in Brick,
Love delicately laden ever so thick.

From A House To A Home.

A Mother’s Glow.

A Mother’s Glow.

A Mother’s Glow,
For her to know,
Of a Glorious Pride,
Of a Love, Never to Hide.

It’s a Mother’s Glow,
She will Always Show,
With every beat of her Heart,
From which she’ll Never Part.

It’s a Mother’s Glow,
And it’ll Never go,
Even when she’s old,
Her Heart it’ll Hold.

It’s a Mother’s Glow,
For the Child to know,
To carry when she is gone,
To remember “She” who Shone.

It’s a Mother’s Glow.

I Know You By Heart.

I Know You By Heart.

In a World that you see with darkened view,
You believe that nobody will see you,
Hidden beneath a cloak of Angry fear,
Distanced from anyone who treads near.

There’s no need to hold that view,
For You are Loved as You are You,
This World holds such Joy and Delight,
Open your eyes to see that Sight.

How do I know ?, you might say,
Because.. that was me, one day,
You see, I Know You By Heart,
And you deserve a new start.

Rise above the Angry phase,
Lift your head and raise,
Above and beyond what you feel,
Dispel it all, and gently heal.

Life is so visually perceived,
Yet different to what’s believed,
Love yourself above all,
You can rise..out of fall.

One word is all it takes,
And the difference it makes,
“Help Me” to change and see,
What’s inside of Me.

Believe me, I Know You By Heart,
In a World of which you’re a part,
Not to be Hidden or Ignored,
Inside a Heart so deeply stored.

Let the World in to share,
And let them know you’re there,
You’re Alive, so let the World care,
Celebrate Life and add your share.

I Know You By Heart.

Touched By The Hand Of Cancer…for Cancer UK.

Touched By The Hand Of Cancer.

The words came all in a blur,
“Cancer”, it did occur,
Images of a lost cause,
Made us icily pause.

Day One arrived after the news,
Mum voiced her once only views,
I have Cancer, but it doesn’t have ME,
I’ll fight it, just wait and see.

Many phone calls for people to see,
To let them guide and educate me,
Mum wanted to live, and not to die,
Touched by the Hand of Cancer, we sigh.

The Battle was on, and the Swords raised High,
Mum Lived, while we arranged the “tools” not to die,
We Loved, We Laughed, We Played and We Cried,
Cancer was gone, it had Died.

You see, really, Cancer was there all along,
But it wasn’t the words of Mum’s song,
She chose to Live her Life,
As A Mother, A Grandmother, and A Wife.

It’s Denial, the Doctors did say,
“Oh No!” I said fiercely, It’s her way,
You see Cancer never took her Spirit, or her Soul,
It’s what made her completely whole.

She left the Reality to whom she did Love,
And left her Fate to her Loving Parents up Above,
She knew that they would call when it was right,
To relinquish, to end the Cancer’s fight.

The Best Six Months, and the Worst,
Yet we were truly Blessed, and not Cursed,
For we all got to Live A Wondrous Blessing,
With Mum, and Without Cancer’s Messing.

When the time came, her Dad did call,
We didn’t Rise, but certainly did fall,
And yet we count our Endless Blessings In Life,
For Lending such a Beautiful Grandmother, Mother and a Wife.

For anyone Touched By The Hand Of Cancer, they know that Cancer may fight their body, but it will NEVER Conquer their Heart and Soul. In Loving Memory of those who Lived whilst Touched by the Hand Of Cancer; and In Respect of those Living and Fighting. Love Gill x

Spring Shadows.

Spring Shadows.

Amongst the hallowed Earth,
Spring Shadows begin to birth,
Tiny shoots awaken with the rain,
The Spring is coming again.

The snowdrops call upon their friends,
To climb, and unravel their wiggly bends,
Tiny blossoms awaiting the daytime sun,
Whose warmth announces Spring has begun.

New leaves so crisp and green,
Amidst the brown of Winter’s scene,
Primroses of yellow shade,
Creations beautifully made.

Spring Shadows will soon lift,
And enlighten the Spring’s Gift,
Of blooms, with colourful array,
Flowering until the days of May.

Spring is welcome with her early dew,
Awakening the Hearts of me and you,
Raising Heavenly Smiles,
Across Flowered Golden Miles.

The Blessing of Spring Shadows has Arrived.

Love Gill x

Children Lost.

Children Lost.

In those times of the darkest deep,
Let thy Heart whisper a peep,
In thy Head remove its call,
It’ll lead you to the fall.

In those times of the darkest deep,
Look within to release the weep,
Be known by thine Heart,
Then life will truly start.

For you are the Children Lost,
Coated with an outer frost,
Locked within a darkened World,
Show thy Heart, be uncurled.

For you are the Children Lost,
Your Heart will crack the frost,
To release those feelings hidden inside,
Show thy Heart, it will not be denied.

When the frost begins to melt,
You’ll touch all that should be felt,
The warmth, and the Peace of Joy,
Deserved by every girl and boy.

When the frost begins to melt,
You’ll remove the life that’s been dealt,
The darkened days will turn to light,
You’ll see the World, and its delight.

For you are NOT the Children Lost,
Forever encased in an icy frost,
You are the Love and the Joy,
Felt by every girl and boy.

For you are NOT the Children Lost,
You just created the icy frost,
To protect your Heart,
A life denied from the start.

You are the Children Found,
With two feet firmly on the ground,
Loved, even in an empty surround,
You are the Children Found.

In Love and Respect of All the Children Lost who need to find their way. Love Gill x



She walked as a tiny tot with little feet,
Gentle, smiling, and ever so sweet,
She grew with flair and grace,
Rosy lips adorned her face.

She ran as a teenager with adult feet,
Still gentle, smiling, and far too sweet,
She grew with rushed adolescent dreams,
Embracing a body fraught with screams.

She walked as a woman with “borrowed” feet,
Gracious, smiling, and accordingly sweet,
She arrived with maturity’s head,
Denying a mind so easily led.

She walked as a woman with adult feet,
Graceful, smiling, and honestly sweet,
She was full grown with a gentle heart,
Embracing a body of which she was part.

She had Evolved…