For All the Special Children Who Live In Our World.

“Why?” is the word you would say,
My reply, “cause you were made that way!”,
God had a Plan you see,
For you to show all Humanity,
The strength in your fight,
Your smile with sheer delight,
The determination to overcome adversity,
Your Joy that radiates through thee.

The journey in life is yours to own,
And God wished for this to be shown,
Dear Special Child and the lessons you teach,
Are lessons that all Humanity do beseech,
You never complain,
You share your domain,
Within a World where Peace is sought,
God’s reasons are plainly thought.

So when you ask “Why?”,
I give the easy reply,
But you are so much more,
Of that I’m sure,
God created you full of Love,
For Earth from Up Above,
To teach us all about Humanity,
Within you it’s plain to see.

For the Love of George, and all the Special Children Who Live In Our World.

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