The Star of Hope – A Christmas Wish. The Salvation Army.

The Star of Hope – A Christmas Wish. For The Salvation Army.

As the lights twinkle upon the tree,
I whisper a silent prayer for thee,
It is the Season, with the Star of Hope,
Neatly wrapped inside every envelope.

When those lights begin to glow,
Spare a thought of those you do not know,
It is the Season of Peace and Joy,
For every person, girl or boy.

As the tinsel cuddles the tree,
Remember others with less than thee,
Who need a warm blanket for the cold night,
Let the sound of Church bells peal their plight.

When the turkey fills you with delight,
Envisage the hungry souls, a despairing sight,
All they need is the Star of Hope –
The Salvation Army – to help them cope.

The Star of Hope – A Christmas Wish – Spare a thought, and, a penny or two – This could be me, or it could be you.