Wonderful Child/UNICEF/Second Version.

Oh Wonderful Child I saw you there,
I couldn’t help but stand and stare,
“How?” rattling within my head,
“Why” is this child not fed ?.

Oh Wonderful Child you are divine,
I Love you as if you were mine,
So tender,so frail,yet always smiling,
Bewildered,with hungry eyes beguiling.

Oh Wonderful Child no words can say,
How wrong your Life is today,
No child should ever see,
Sufferance as apparent to thee.

Oh Wonderful Child there is Hope,
Within the realms of UNICEF’s scope,
Their arms are wide and caring,
With hearts that are always sharing.

Oh Wonderful Child you are free,
To Live, To Love, To Be,
It is the start, albeit late,
Food abundant on your plate.

Oh Wonderful Child you are you,
The dreams become reality too,
To Eat,To Play,and Laugh out loud,
You are Loved, Stand Out Proud.

Oh Wonderful Child I no longer stare,
UNICEF held your hand to show they care,
It’s over, it’s time to rise,
It’s time to end those awful cries.

Dedicated to UNICEF in respect of all they do. Love Gill x