Wonderful Life

The morning wakes you with the smile of the sun,
The perfect start for a day that has begun,
The birds join in with a chirp and a tune,
To let you know your rise is due soon.

The scent of the air is delicately sweet,
From the blooms that bees are pleased to meet,
The sky is adorned with bright delight,
We are truly blessed with this beautiful sight.

It’s a Wonderful Life for all to adore,
From the countryside to the seashore,
Whether there are brambles, or a seashell,
They’re all fine examples of all that’s well.

It’s a Wonderful Life this breath of air,
This World of Loving and Equal Share,
Human beings at their best,
You can imagine the rest.

The night-time calls with an evening star,
The twinkling locator of where we are,
The hoot of the owl ends the day,
The chickens nestle in their coups of hay.

Another day over in this wondrous Life,
Even glorious in both joy and strife,
Starting the day with a precious smile,
And it’s closure, dreaming for a while.

It’s A Wonderful Life.

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